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RTP Child Care: The Average Brain Development Timeline

Posted on 01-29-2015


Your child’s brain has been developing since he or she has been approximately twelve weeks old. Considering the latter, it is important to understand that a mother’s surroundings and intake during pregnancy plays a part in an unborn child’s brain development. We are here to help you understand your child’s brain development timeline.

The prenatal stage

Your child’s brain growth began around twelve weeks. The senses are beginning to function at this stage so it is essential to give your child and yourself the correct environment. Eating right is a major factor as your child will be able to taste the foods which you eat.

The early stage

During the first few years of life, your child is in the prime brain development phase. Everything which he or she does creates millions of neural pathways within the brain. This mental growth can be fostered with the correct child care techniques such as reading with him or her, playing, and many other activities.

Preschool and beyond

From the age of three your child will be learning at a fast pace. Every child develops at a different pace, hence why there is no formal age recommendation for placing your child in a preschool facility. Beyond preschool he or she will continue developing both mentally and physically through secondary education and the world around. For prime child care and optimal brain development, ensure your child is placed at a preschool that provides the best learning experience.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of RTP, North Carolina is the leader in child care. With us you can be assured that your child will reach peak brain development during the early years and keep developing at an amazing pace. Contact us now to enroll in our facility or to find out more information on your child’s brain development.

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